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PulseonDiningProviding students with high quality dining options in an inviting and comfortable setting is a key factor is complimenting Campus 1 MTL goals.

Pulse on Dining is designed to meet the needs of residence students by providing what students want, when they want it. Customers have the freedom to visit, eat, and relax as many times a day as they like whether it's to enjoy a full meal or a light snack. Everyone wins, students get more variety, personalized and healthier options without having to pay retail prices and the related stress of budgeting food dollars.

Pulse on Dining was designed to foster a sense of belonging to a community, where diversity and healthy-lifestyle is embraced and quality culinary experiences are enjoyed. The anytime style dining plan allows students to visit at their convenience from 7:30 am (9:30am on weekends) at night as many times as they wish.

Pulse on Dining encourages students to make healthy lifestyle choices through the various platforms. The Balanced Choice program supported by our leading edge web-based Webtrition system provides the nutritional facts that today's students are seeking.


Here at Campus 1 MTL, the meal plan is all-you-can-eat when dining in. You will still be able to take out food with our Bring-Your-Own-Container (BYOC) program, but it will be limited. We have hot food service times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Outside those times, the Deli Bar and the Breakfast Bar will be open from 7:30am to 9:00pm. The Fresh Market will be open from 11:00am to 9:00pm.

We have a lunch bag program called “Lunch to Go”, that is open during breakfast hours. You can take a lunch bag to go that consists of a freshly-made sandwich, a side salad, dessert, and a canned/bottled drink.

Your key card will get you access to the cafeteria as well. All you have to do is follow the prompts on the self-serve register and print yourself a receipt. This receipt will be asked from you when you exit the cafeteria. If you fail to provide a receipt, we will be forced to charge the retail price of the meal to your room.

As any other all-you-can-eat establishments, you will notice that the portions are a little bit smaller than regular. This is because we encourage students to keep an eye on food waste, and to encourage students to try as many different food items on the menu as they can. We make it our promise that you will not leave the cafeteria hungry.