Because We Care

bcp Body. Community. Planet.

We embrace the holistic purpose of food and believe that food is an integral part of student wellness and success as it has the power to nourish your BODY, strengthen COMMUNITY, and respect our PLANET.  Watch the Vid

bcp Be Allergen Aware

We know it can be challenging when you have a food allergy.  That's why it is important to not be shy and self identify, ASK before you EAT!  TOGETHER we can identify safe food. Look for the Food Allergy Statement at dining outlets on campus.


FYUL is a wellness program that makes it easy for students to find foods on campus with embedded health and lifestyle benefits, otherwise known as ‘functional foods’. With FYUL, students are encouraged to make food choices that support their personal lifestyle goals for today and a life-long approach for a healthier and sustainable tomorrow. FYUL delivers a range of delicious recipes created by our own chefs and a Registered Dietitian.