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Meet Our Team

Jamie Cox - Assistant General Manager

Jamie Cox

Assistant General Manager

Jamie Cox is the Assistant General Manager with Chartwells at SAIT. He has 20 years of management experience in the hotel and restaurant industry working both in BC and Alberta. As the Assistant General Manager his passion is for the team to provide you with legendary customer service and a memorable dining experience. Should we fail to make your experience a positive one, please address your concerns directly to Jamie.

Jamie is a coffee enthusiast and loves visiting Starbucks for his daily latte.

Peter Horlacher - Executive Chef

Peter Horlacher

Executive Chef

Peter Horlacher is a certified Red Seal Chef with over ten years of experience in all areas of the food industry. Peter has worked and studied all over North America. His past experience includes working with Westin Hotels, executing menu development and standards for Alberta Health Services, and designing catering programs for established airlines. Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Impressions Catering team through his passion for food and excellence.

Peter's favourite meal on campus is the Spolumbos Special at Spolumbos in the Aldred Centre Food Court!

Lorianne Rudiak - Tim Hortons Manager-Senator Burns

Lorianne Rudiak

Tim Hortons Manager-Senator Burns

Lorianne is the Manager at the Stan Grad Food Court. She has been working in the food service industry for over 20 years after graduating with a Professional Cooking diploma from SAIT. Lorianne is proud to be a SAIT alumni and enjoys coming in every morning to work with all the great staff and students at SAIT.

Lorianne's favourite meal on campus is the Chicken Guacamole Burrito.

Antonina Gonzales - Starbucks Manager

Antonina Gonzales

Starbucks Manager

Antonina is the Starbucks Manager at SAIT. She has been in the food service industry for over 10 years. Starting her Starbucks career in the hotel Marriot. She has worked for Chartwells for 7 years and worked for Starbucks for 5 years. Antonina's favourite part of her job is dealing with different people and providing excellent customer service.

Ian Ray Adviento - Tim Hortons Manager-Cenovus

Ian Ray Adviento

Tim Hortons Manager-Cenovus
Pat Tarbox - General Manager

Pat Tarbox

General Manager

Pat has made a life career in the hospitality industry, first starting with the Hilton Group in Montreal and continuing his hotel career till 1993 in Edmonton. Since then he has worked in many restaurant, pub and niteclubs as a general manager, helping owners with design, construction of venues and internal systems. His career has taken him from resorts to urban and rural hotels to remote sites, airports and finally in the education environment. Pat loves the industry and is passionate about customer service.

Janelle Forrester - Stan Grad Food Court Manager

Janelle Forrester

Stan Grad Food Court Manager

Janelle joined the Chartwells team in 2012 as the Marketing Manager and in 2013 went back to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Marketing and returned to Chartwells in 2016. As the Unit Manager she loves interacting with her customers daily. Janelle brings over 10 years sales experience to the team as well as providing an exceptional level of customer service. She believes “Our customers are amazing people and reignite our passion for food on a daily basis.”     

Jaffar Rastegar - Aldred Centre Food Court Manager

Jaffar Rastegar

Aldred Centre Food Court Manager

Jaffar moved to Calgary after obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality studies and restaurant management. He has since worked in the fast paced environment of the Calgary International Airport. Jaffar's passion for the industry has made Chartwells at SAIT a natural fit. 

Rachelle Robles  - Catering Director

Rachelle Robles

Catering Director

Rachelle has previously spent 14 years at the Calgary Zoo as Catering Director restructuring the catering department to get it where it is today. With her great attention to detail, organization and time management skills as well as her dedication to delivering outstanding service, she's a great addition to the Chartwells team at SAIT.

Paulette Robinson - Catering Coordinator

Paulette Robinson

Catering Coordinator

Paulette joined Chartwells in 2007 as a cashier then shortly moved to a Barista  position with Starbucks in the Heritage Building. It didn't take long before she was scooped up as part of the Chartwells Catering team here at SAIT. We are lucky to say she's been here ever since and is an integral part of the team. 

Selene Uribe - Denny's Allnighter Supervisor

Selene Uribe

Denny's Allnighter Supervisor

Selene moved to Canada from Mexico with her family back in 2011, since then she has been working in the food industry. She finds passion in the sales and service she provides. Back in Mexico, Selene worked most of her professional life in Sales and Service. Selene's passion for service, sales and her outgoing personality make her a great addition to the team. 

Emily Davison

Marketing Manager

Emily is a Marketing and Communications major and Graduate of SAIT. Her past experience in the Broadcast Communications as well as Hospitality and Food services in Canada and Europe. Her Marketing, Promotions and Relationship Building skills lend themselves to her commitment to leadership, making her a great fit to the team.