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Fadi Zuriekat - General Manager

Fadi Zuriekat

General Manager
905-845-9430 x 2757

After 25 years in the hospitality industry, one thing has always remained constant and that is "the customer always deserves the best". I have lived by this motto and carried it throughout my career, whether it was hotel management, overseeing retail operations, or food service management. I believe that by giving the customer the best, it allows for an overall great experience for everyone involved.         

Mh.Shahid Shaikh - Unit Manager - Trafalgar Campus

Mh.Shahid Shaikh

Unit Manager - Trafalgar Campus

I have always had a passion for customer service. With 6 years of experience in the food service industry, I attended Sheridan college and graduated in 2009 with a diploma in international business. I always want to bring a fresh take on the way that the industry is run because there is nothing better to me than providing people with great overall service. I feel that if I was able to create an impact with my service then I have truly done my job. 

Feras Alsmadi - Unit Manager - Davis

Feras Alsmadi

Unit Manager - Davis
(905) 453-4867

"I believe that food makes a difference and just seeing the smiles on others faces tells me that  I have provided them with the same quality service that I expect to be given anywhere around the world. I always aim to please the customer, and inspire my coworkers to do the same"

Joel Lee - Executive Chef-Sheridan College

Joel Lee

Executive Chef-Sheridan College

I am the executive chef at Sheridan College. I am from a little place called Hong Kong and after 16 years of culinary experience, cooking from east to west getting accustomed is no problem. The belief that I have lived by is that "Good Food" must be accompanied by the best service. So come by the Davis cafeteria and experience the food and service I have dedicated my life to providing.