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Ecotray Program

Go GREEN with the Ecotray!

Available for purchase at Gzowski, Lady Eaton, Champlain and Otonabee Dining Halls.

  • Only $5 and you can even pay with your meal plan!
  • Washed for you!
  • Microwave-durable
  • Maximum sealability to minimize leaks
  • Fits a full meal and contains 3 separate compartments
  • Made with 50% recycled plastic

How it works:

  1. Ask for your meal to be served in an Ecotray container. The cashier will charge you a one-time fee of only $5 for the container
  2. Return your used, empty container to the designated bins in the dining halls (we clean it for you!) and a cashier will give you an exchange card
  3. Order your meal in an Ecotray container and hand the cashier your exchange card. You will not be charged for your container again
  4. Repeat

It's as easy as that. Let's GO GREEN together Trent!


Buy 9, get the 10th free coffee cards

Go Green! Use your own reusable mug for a Fairtrade Electric City coffee & receive a stamp. Get 9 stamps and the 10th coffee is on us!

Electric City Coffee Card

Join the Electric City coffee club today!

Step 1 - Use a green EC mug for your beverage. The cashier will charge you a one-time fee of $5 for the mug (plus the fee for your beverage)

Step 2 - Return your used, empty mug to a cashier at LEC, CC, OC or GZ (we clean it for you!) and they will give you an exchange card

Step 3 - Grab a new green EC mug and hand the cashier your exchange card. You will not be charged for your mug again

Step 4 - Repeat

$5 for the mug, $1.80 refill (a discount every time!)


Green Plates rental program

Green Plates Rental Program

If you are hosting a meal, potluck or gathering the "Green Plates" dish program is a great environmentally sound choice. The "Green Plates" dish program is a new and exciting addition to Trent University community that was jointly developed by the Trent Central Student Association, Trent University Foodservice and Chartwells. The program allows student groups to access complete sets of dishes for their events that include food. We provide reusable large and small plates, bowls, glasses and silverware. Pick up the dishes on campus, use them for your event and return them, unwashed. It will save student groups the cost of buying disposables, the time of cleaning dishes, and reduce the impact on the environment. The dishes that were selected for the program are made of 50% renewable resources, including corn or oil and wood fiber.

Each "Green Plates" tote includes 24 complete sets of dishes. Order by the number of totes that you require for your function. Your totes will be available for pick up at the LEC kitchen on the day of your event. We even include a cart to make on-campus transportation easy. All "Green Plates" items are ready to use. When you are finished your function simply pack all of the place settings back into the tote and return to the LEC kitchen within 24 hours and we will do the rest.
To ensure dishes are available for your event, you should book your "Green Plates" as early as possible, and not less than three days before your event. A rental Agreement is to be completed when the order is picked up.
The program cost is:
- $15.00 for to three totes (24 - 72 settings)
- $25.00 for four to six totes (96 - 144 settings)
- Plus HST
There is a replacement cost for each item not returned or damaged.
Each "Green Plates" tote contains 24 complete table settings:

24 X Knives, Forks, Spoons
24 X Side Plates
24 X Dinner Plates
24 X Bowls
24 X Cold Beverage Glasses

Only available for pick up at the LEC kitchen

Visit https://trent-cgc.catertrax.com/menunavigation.asp?categorygroup=4#c:4|l:55 for more details or to place your order.



We have all your catering needs!

Choose from the following menus by visiting https://trent-cgc.catertrax.com/index.asp?x=x&intOrderID=&intCustomerID=

  • beverages
  • green plates rental program
  • pick up & go
  • seasonal buffer & entrée items
  • breakfast
  • linen & china rentals
  • sandwiches & salads
  • hot entrees
  • stir fry
  • break & snack platters
  • appetizers & hors d'oeuvres
  • afternoon snacks & desserts
  • custom menu request

For questions or to place your order please contact Patrice Harrison, catering manager at Patrice.harrison@compass-canada.com, or Melissa Bullock, catering coordinator at Melissa.bullock@compass-canada.com