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2022-23 CFIS Food Services FAQs

In partnership with Chartwells, CFIS is proud to deliver on-campus dining to our entire school community. Chartwells, the education food services sector of Compass Group
Canada, operates in more than 500 educational institutions across Canada. The Chartwells team is dedicated to providing delicious, healthy dining options that are
developed by food and nutrition professionals. We are excited to offer food services that are far beyond traditional school dining programs with a focus on health and wellness, offerings for special diets, and functional food education.

When will 2022-23 food services begin?
• Monday, August 29th for Secondary Division (Grades 7-12) students
• Monday, September 12th for ECE and Elementary Divisions (preschool-Grade 6) students

How do I participate in the food program?
Visit the CFIS dedicated DineOnCampus website to register and pre-purchase for all grades.
DineOnCampus can also be accessed via the CFIS Parent Portal.
Preschool, JK & Kindergarten (ECE) — PRE-ORDER REQUIRED

Families wanting to participate in the ECE food service program, shall place weekly orders via on the DineOnCampus website. Lunches will be safely packaged and delivered directly to Preschool, JK & Kindergarten students in their classrooms. Please note, there are weekly cut off times for Preschool, JK, and Kindergarten students, to ensure your child’s meals will be prepared accordingly. Orders must be placed by 6:00 am the day before. The program is designed to allow for maximum flexibility, and you may order as often or as little as you choose. When ordering lunch, you must select the entrée first in order to include your choice of milk (2% or soy) and a healthy treat.

Students can participate in the lunchtime food service program in the Seed Cafeteria with the pre-purchase of a ‘Meal Plan’ through the DineOnCampus website. Students will have the option of choosing from three lunch entrée options, which will be deducted from the meal plan that was purchased. Meal plans include milk (2% or soy) with each lunch entrée.

Grades 6-12
Students can participate in the food service program using the ‘Flex Dollars’ option available on the DineOnCampus website. Flex Dollars are pre-set dollar amounts loaded to the participating student’s account that allows them to purchase items from the Core Cafeteria using a meal card with a declining balance. (Following the initial purchase, Flex Dollar cards will be available for students to pick up in the Core Cafeteria.) A variety of meal options, snacks and beverages will be available for purchase each day.

How do I place an order?
ECE (Preschool, JK & Kindergarten) lunch ordering instructions — for in-class delivery

Grades 1-5 Meal Plan purchasing instructions — for use in The Seed Cafeteria

Grade 6-12 Flex Dollars purchasing instructions — for use in The Core Cafeteria

Payment is made through the website via credit cards. Items in The Core Cafeteria may also be paid for by credit, debit or cash.

Can my child purchase lunch if I have not pre-ordered?
ECE student orders must be pre-purchased. Orders must be placed by 6:00 am the day before.
The Seed Cafeteria will only be providing lunches for Grade 1-5 students who have pre-ordereda Meal Plan.

The Core Cafeteria will have a la carte offerings that can be purchased by Grade 6-12 students using the Flex Dollars declining balance card, credit, debit or cash.

How will students be served their lunch?
ECE (Preschool, JK & Kindergarten) lunch orders will be individually packaged in re-useable containers and delivered to the individual classrooms in thermal bags. All meals will be labelled with each student’s name, order details and any allergy alerts.

Grade 1-12 student lunch orders will be served in their respective cafeterias using reusable Eco

What food items will be available for purchase?
Menus are created on three-week cycles, with a variety of daily options that include hot and cold,
vegetarian and special diet options.

Is food locally sourced?
Yes, wherever possible, Chartwells source and design purposeful menus, and celebrate food that makes us whole. Chartwells focus on food that nourishes the body, supports the community, and respects the planet.

How are menu items prepared?
Chartwells works with certified, reputable vendors and suppliers to provide a range of products
and services. Their promise is to create an experience that originates with chef-driven, scratchcooked, and responsibly sourced food. Chartwells provides balanced meals that are wholesome, healthy, and nutritious without an over-reliance on processed food or carb-based entrees.
Food served in educational institutions through our food service may contain, or may have come into contact, with allergens.

People with food allergies should identify themselves to a member of the Chartwells staff before ordering their meal or placing a meal plan order. The staff will then inform the designated person in charge at the unit who will assist the student personally, enabling them to make an informed choice on their own by providing listed ingredient information.

Please note, Chartwells does their best to provide nutritional and ingredient information that is as complete as possible. However, products may change without knowledge and menu items are prepared in close proximity to other ingredients, which may result in potential cross-contact with unlisted ingredients, including allergens. Similarly, sporadic supply issues can lead to a change in ingredients, which is why we ask people to ask the person in charge and confirm allergen and ingredient information before ordering each time. To facilitate this service, we highly recommend that you meet the person in charge before classes begin and/ or during breaks to review your allergies.

Student safety is our top priority, which is why we choose to be cautious in our approach. Please visit our Chartwells website to learn about our approach towards Allergen Awareness here.

How will allergies be accommodated?
Please be aware that the allergen aware menu options (available for all grades) are prepared
without any of the 11 priority allergens recognized in Canada, namely:
• peanuts
• tree nuts
• dairy
• gluten
• egg
• seafood
• shellfish
• soy
• mustard
• sulphites
• sesame

All items in The Core and The Seed cafeterias will be clearly labelled on the electronic menus in using an icon system to denote options that are gluten-free, allergen containing and vegan. If your child has anaphylaxis and/or severe allergies and you are worried about the menu, we strongly encourage your child to bring a litter-less lunch from home to help ensure optimal safety. However, if you would like your child to experience the new food program, please email foodservices@cfis.com, and request to speak with the Chartwells Manager onsite to review your child’s specific allergens and needs.

Where should I direct questions?
To speak with the Chartwells on-site manager about accommodating food allergies, or for
general questions about CFIS Food Services, email foodservices@cfis.com.

For technical or payment processing questions, please complete the Be Heard form on the DineOnCampus website.

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