Our Team

Sumit Nair - Food Service Director

Sumit Nair

Food Service Director

"Sumit Nair is the Food Service Director for Chartwells at Columbia International College. As the Director of Food Services, Sumit oversees all aspects of the Food Services Operation and Marketing, as well as planning for the future state. He has been involved in various initiatives such as: developing menus while meeting nutrition and standards, recipe and menu innovation, reviewing purchasing product changes, community initiative support, and developing processes and educational materials. Sumit firmly believes that food is a path to a healthy lifestyle and is passionate about ensuring our Student dining experience is unique, flavorful and grounded in wellness, He has been working for Chartwells, Compass Group Canada for the past 3 years.”

Maxim Kulikov - Executive Chef

Maxim Kulikov

Executive Chef

“With an extremely rich experience, Max is the Executive Chef at Columbia International College, Canada’s largest boarding high school. The students’ nationalities are very diverse coming from 75 different countries around the world. Max has met the challenge of preparing menus for this diverse school population by researching the students cultural backgrounds and collaborating this with his own world experiences, he creates unique meals incorporating global flavors. Dishes are designed to highly accommodate a wide variety of nutritional needs and to fill the dining environment with an abundance of wholesome, fresh, nutritious foods that helps power a culture of health and well-being for everyone on campus.”

Carine Alcantara - Food Service Manager

Carine Alcantara

Food Service Manager

"Carine is the Food Services Manager overseeing day-to-day Food Service Operations at Pine Residences. Carine brings over 10 years of industry experience to Columbia International College. Her personalized care and attention to student dietary needs, as well as student engagement initiatives, makes her a vibrant part of the school’s community."