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yummmm . .  . Caramelized Onions

For a Limited Time add CARAMELIZED ONIONS to your pizza!

It's National Hot Chocolate Day!

Warm up with a Cup of Hot Chocolate!

National Pie Day

Do you like your pie SWEET or SAVOURY?

National Popcorn Day

Come get your Hot Buttery Popcorn!

National Tempura Day

Another way to eat vegetables!

Brain Food

DYK eating Eggs can help you manage your mood and memory?

Brain Food - Pumpkin Seeds

DYK eating PUMPKIN SEEDS can help you get a better quality sleep?

Brain Food - Whole Grains

DYK - WHOLE GRAINS supply your brain with a balanced source of fuel?

Brain Foods - Chia Seeds

DYK eating fibre rich foods such as CHIA SEEDS can help reduce the risk of depressive symptoms and promote better mental health? 

Brain Foods - Green Leafy Vegetables

DYK eating GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES is linked to better memory, attention and reasoning?

Year of the Tiger!

Let's Celebrate! 

Join us on Feb. 1st for a Lunchtime Celebration!

It's Poutine Week!

Traditional Poutine with Turkey Gravy and Cheese

World Nutella Day

LTO - Nutella available in the Servery

Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival Lunch Time Tradition of Fried Chicken and Poutine!

You're Invited!

Join us for a Delicious Valentine's Day Dinner