Meal Plan FAQ

What are the benefits of being on a Meal Plan?

How can I pay for a Meal Plan?


I live in Residence. Am I on a Meal Plan?

If you are living in the Towers, you are on a required Meal Plan. You will be automatically set up on the 7 day basic plan. Please visit the Residence and Housing office during office hours to upgrade or adjust your plan. Living in McTaggart, Shell, Hamilton Hall or Townhouses? You can also sign up for a Meal Plan via MyPlace@SFU.


If I’m on the Meal Plan, are there meal options for me other than at Dining Commons?

Meal Plan holders will have access to one meal at Discover Cafe in addition to meals at the Dining Commons.

How can I take advantage of my Meal Plan if I have classes at other campuses?

Meal Plan holders who have classes at another may sign up for a take out meal program.

If I have questions about dietary concerns, ingredients, or have general feedback who can I speak to?

For dietary & allergy concerns please see our on-shift manager or make an appointment with our managers from Monday to Friday by emailing Dining Commons.


My friend misplaced his/her student card but is very hungry can I lend out my card so that they can gain Dining Commons access?

No, transferring of cards is not permitted; however, you can obtain proof of Meal Plan enrollment which will allow you temporary access to the Dining Commons until you recover or replace your student card. When you replace your student card please inform the Dining Commons, so they can update your new barcode to the Meal Plan data base. 

Can I take food outside of the Dining Commons?
Dining Commons features an all-you-care-to-eat dining program where guests dine-in.