Meal Membership FAQ

What changes have you made to ensure our safety during Covid 19?

To ensure the safety of all of our guests and associates remains our top priority during this unprecedented time, we have put the following actions and procedures in place:

  • Guests are required to wear a mask when inside the Dining Hall
  • Associates are required to wear a mask during their shift, unless they are consuming food or beverage during their scheduled break period
  • External and internal signage – stay 2 metres apart
  • Floor dots for safe spacing
  • Maximum 9 guests at a time are allowed in the servery, at any given time
  • No self-services; take-out only
  • Cashless payments
  • Plexi screens have been added at the cashier station and other high touch areas
  • All staff must complete daily health assessment before starting work
  • Food-safe gloves must be worn by all staff
  • Sanitizer stands available at the entrance and high touch service areas
  • Extra cleaning added to sanitize high touch-points, frequently

Where do I get the Meal Membership Request Form?

You can download the Meal Membership Request Form here.

How can I pay for a Meal Membership?

For Students Living in Residence Download and fill out a Meal Membership Request Form. E-mail your filled out Meal Membership Request Form or, bring it to the Residence and Housing Office (Residence Admin. Bldg. A1001). Students in Residence will have their meal membership charges added to their student account.

Not a Resident? No Problem! Meal Memberships are for everyone. Just make sure that when you fill out the Meal Request Form, you check the correct box. Fill out the Meal Request Form and bring this form, your Student ID card, and payment to the Residence and Housing Office – located down the stairs below the Dining Hall. SFU students may have the meal plan added to their SFU student account.

Not a student? No Problem! The Meal Memberships are for everyone. Payment will be required at sign-up with your Meal Request Form. Purchase your plan through Residence and Housing if you have a SFU ID card or FIC student card.

I live in Residence. Am I on a meal plan?

If you are living in the Towers, you are on a required Meal Membership. You will be automatically set up on the 7 day basic plan. Submit the form to upgrade or adjust your plan. Living in McTaggart, Shell, Hamilton Hall or Townhouses? You can also sign up for a meal plan online here.

If I’m on the meal plan, are there meal options for me other than at Dining Hall?

Due to the Covid Pandemic, Meal Membership holders will have access to the Dining Hall only.

Can meal plan holders take food out of Dining Hall?

Due to the Covid Pandemic, our services have adjusted from all-you-care-to-eat self service, to being fully served by our friendly associates.  All meals will be served take-out style and are to be consumed outside of the dining hall. 

If I have questions about dietary concerns, ingredients, or have general feedback who can I speak to?

For dietary & allergy concerns please see our on-shift manager or make an appointment with our below managers from from Monday to Friday.

  • Jaq Amon, Manager e-mail
  • Jonathan Arnuco, Supervisor e-mail
  • Danilo Ibarra, Executive Chef e-mail

My friend misplaced his/her student card but is very hungry can I lend out my card so that they can gain dining hall access?

No, transferring of cards is not permitted; however, you can obtain proof of meal plan enrollment which will allow you temporary access to the dining hall until you recover or replace your student card. 

When you replace your student card please inform the dining hall, so they can update your new barcode to the meal plan data base. 



Click here to order your meal plan today.


  • My SFU student ID card is required to access my Meal Membership at all times: you must present and swipe your card each time you enter the Dining Hall.

  • My Meal Membership is non-transferable: you may not transfer your Meal Membership or Dining Dollars to another students' card.

  • Meal Membership are purchased at the start of the term and valid until 1:00 PM the day following the last day of exams 

  • Students who purchase 'plus' or 'platinum plus' meal plans and have a Dining Dollar balance at the end of the semester can use the balance the following semester. Please note that for the Summer 2021 semester Meal Memberships with Dining Dollars will not be available for purchase.

  • Payment for plans requested after the fee due date are required within one week of sign up on your housing portal account and payment is required before your Meal Mlan will be active.

  • Meal Memberships added after the 3rd week of the term are prorated

  • Refunds are available up until November 1 for Fall term, March 1 for Spring term, July 1 for the Summer term.  Eligible refunds will be prorated weekly and amounts will be credited to your GOSFU student account.

If you would like to purchase a Meal Membership or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, please visit the Residence & Housing office during office hours. If you have a question about the meal plans offered, please visit the Dining Hall or visit the Residence & Housing office.