Reasons to Buy A Meal Plan


Top Reasons To Buy A Meal Plan

1. Convenience 

We are conveniently located near residences, just steps from your room.

2. Cashless

Pay once and dine all semester (including exam period) using your student ID.

3. Variety

Select from menus that support dietary and cultural needs including vegan, made without gluten, halal + more.

4. Value

Select from a variety of 50+ daily menu items.

5. Made Just For You!

We have daily action stations where our chefs will customize your meal and cook it fresh to order, just the way you like it!

6. Nutritious

Our chefs prepare healthy, fresh and delicious meals that will be sure to keep energy levels high and stomachs full.

7. Safety

We provide a safe space for guests to dine, including covid safety guidelines.

8. Fun!

Enjoy over 50 special events and pop ups every year including free prizes, BBQ's, birthday parties and more.

9. Full Service

During covid, our food offerings are fully served to you, by our caring friendly associates.


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