Value Pack FAQ


Value Pack FAQ

Who can purchase a Value Pack?

SFU and FIC students, staff, and faculty can purchase a Value Pack.

How do I purchase a Value Pack if I am a student, staff or faculty?

You may purchase your Value Pack online! Value Packs will be loaded onto your student ID within 48 hours.


Where can I use my Value Packs?

Value Packs are valid at the Dining Commons, and can be used for any meal period - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late at night!

What are the benefits of purchasing a Value Pack?

Can a Value Pack that I have purchased be used for a guest?

Yes, you can treat your guest to a meal at the Dining Commons.

How many days does it take for Value Packs to be loaded onto a student ID or staff ID card?

Value Packs will be loaded onto your student ID or staff ID card within 48 hours.

Do Value Packs expire?

Value Packs are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.