Fairtrade Gold


Fairtrade on Campus


SFU is proud to be recognized as the first University in Canada to be awarded Fairtrade Gold status, the highest level of designation 🏅🍫🍌☕️🍵🥑🌹👩‍🌾🌍

What does this mean? It means that SFU, and departments like SFU Dining, aim to make a positive difference in the lives of farmers, workers, and communities around the globe by paying fairer prices and ensuring decent working conditions.

Some of the Fairtrade products we use on campus include: Fairtrade chocolate, bananas, sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa + avocados.

From opening Canada's first Fairtrade Starbucks in 2013, to achieving Fairtrade Gold Status in 2020, we are proud to be pioneers for the Fairtrade movement in Canada and we look forward to what the next Fairtrade adventure will bring!  

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