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2020 Fall Semester Meal Plan update:

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are no longer able to offer meal plans this Fall Semester. We will keep you updated with any changes in future.

Sheridan and Chartwells Eat Well, Spend Less Community Dining Plan!

Sheridan’s partnership with Chartwells aspires to promote the most effective and efficient ways for their student body to be exposed to a healthier lifestyle. 

Eating well has never been this easy. We offer a variety of meal plans that make it easy for you to enjoy everything campus dining has to offer. No matter what plan you choose, a balance will be loaded on your onecardand funds are deducted from your balance with a simple tap wih every purchase. 

Sheridan offers the convenience of not having to shop for food and saves you time throughout your busy schedule not having to cook! On top of that, the college(s) offer key economical factors in terms of having the potential of saving %5, the opportunity of being exempt from partial taxes, and providing cashless transactions!


A simple tap saves you time and money! Meal plans are accepted across campus at various dining outlets. With each tap of your ONEcard, your funds are deducted from your balance. 



It’s Secure: If your card is lost or stolen, you must deactivate your card on line at

Tax Exempt Dining Dollars: Confectionary and convenience items are not exempt from sales tax.

Refunds: Refunds can be granted if a student officially withdrawals from school. Certain conditions apply and subject to a $50 administration fee. See Terms and Conditions for more details at


Wholesome and Fresh: We know that great taste, nutrition and healthy eating are important to you. Among popular local brands are plenty of home-cooked meals and chef creations using local, seasonally fresh and healthy ingredients.

Something for Everyone: Our program is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of today’s students including, vegan, halal and gluten-free diets. Our balanced icon system helps guests make informed choices.

Responsible and Sustainable Practises: With our commitment to fostering sustainable business practices you will see and taste a socially responsible experience. We utilize bulk condiments, biodegradable napkins and source local ingredient, fair trade coffee sustainable seafood.


Sheridan Trafalgar Campus - Market Place

Sheridan Davis Campus – Food Court

Sheridan HMC Campus – Food Court


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