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Meal Plans

Eat Well. Spend Less

A simple swipe saves you time and money and the headache of losing your parking space.  Our All-inclusive and Meal Value Pack plans are accepted at Rosaria Dining Hall for a full academic year.  Rosaria Dining Hall is an all-you-care-to-eat dining program with a self-serve kitchen  called myPantry.  Students are encouraged to prepare their own food with friends at myPantry from a stocked fridge and pantry. A grocery list is available if something important is missing from the kitchen!

Resident Plans How It Works

  1. Pick the plan that suits your needs. Choose the POD 7 plan for the best value.

  2. Your plan is selected on your residence application form.  If you have questions regarding your residential dining plan, please contact Cheryl Delorey in Residence Life at (902) 457-6356.

  3. Swipe into Rosaria Dining Hall as many times as you like throughout the day. Use your tax exempt Dining Dollars for meals, snacks and beverages in Seton Cafe. 

Assisi Hall, The Birches 1,2,3,&4 and Westwood (3rd Floor) must select the POD 7 Day or POD 5 Day plan.

The Birches 5 and Westwood (1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th Floor) must select one of the following: All-inclusive  7-Day; All-inclusive 5-Day; Flex Declining Balance; Flex 80; Flex 80 Plus or Flex 200.

Voluntary Plans How It Works

Voluntary plans are designed to provide flexible dining options, convenience, and savings for students living off campus and staff & faculty.    

Get great value with all-you-care-to-eat chef prepared meals at Rosaria Dining Hall with one of our Value Meal Packs or simply choose our Swipe & Save Reloadable card and dine at both Rosaria Dining Hall and Seton Cafe. 

If you don't want to dine alone, invite a friend!  There are no restrictions on who can dine with you.  Rosaria door prices are:  Breakfast $6.77; Lunch $8.65 and Dinner $15.16.

  1. Decide where you want to eat.  You can purchase plans for use at Rosaria Dining Hall, Seton Cafe or both.  

  2. Click Here to view our campus map and office location.  Make sure you pick the plan that suits your meal desires and class schedule.

  3. Purchase your plan online (below) or visit the Chartwells office in Rosaria Student Centre. 

  4. You will need to visit the Charwells  office to activate your plan on your student id once purchased online.  If you are reloading funds on an existing account please allow 24hrs to reactivate the plan on your student id.   

Annual Savings Chart

Dining plans offer diverse and healthy food options at a fraction of the cost.  Savings range from $17 - $3,565.

All-inclusive  7-Day         =  $3,565 Savings

All-inclusive 5-Day         = $1786 Savings 

80 Meal Value Pack       =  $325 Savings* 

60 Meal Value Pack       = $228 Savings*

35 Meal Value Pack       = $106 Savings*

25 Lunch Value Pack    = $17.25 Savings

Swipe & Save Card         = 5% (non-branded purchases) 

*Cost savings calculated using $15.16 the  door rate for  dinner you would pay at the dining hall if you did not have a plan.  Savings will vary depending on meal day-part chosen.  7-Day and 5-Day savings based on $30.58 door rate you would pay at the dining hall per day for all three meal periods.

Click here to view Frequently asked questions.

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