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We recognize the tremendous opportunity we have to make a positive social and environmental impact for students and our local and global communities through the food that we serve.

We are driven to source the best ingredients, create tasty menus, educate our guests and celebrate food that …

Icon - Fork and knifeNOURISHES YOUR BODY

We provide programs and education that foster and promote healthful, productive workplaces and communities for the benefit of our students. We source the best ingredients and create tasty menus that are also functionally beneficial to feed the unique lifestyles of today’s students.



We encourage responsible and sustainable practices in our supply chains.  We value food that is locally sourced, seasonally available, employ fair labour practices and humane treatment of animals.  We celebrate foods that bring flavour, affirm cultural traditions and support local communities.



We minimize our impact on the environment with a primary focus on reduction.  Our approach is to source and prepare food in an environmentally sustainable manner through implementation of best practices and innovative technologies for waste management, water conservation and energy efficiency. 



Food With Purpose

Stop Food Waste Day