Our Local Food Story


At Chartwells UPEI, we understand the importance of sourcing local and making it a lifestyle. Our amazing local suppliers provide us with a ton of quality ingredients and products that we us in the kitchen, in retail, and for a variety of events. Though we celebrate and support local through out the year, October is a month full of events and promotions all showcasing the amazing bountiful harvest season that delivers the best flavours PEI has to offer, such as our apple making session, local tasting table and pumpkin carving activity.

For more information on what we source locally, any upcoming events supporting local, what we've done in the past, or the The Story of Our Food Mural, and what we're doing now please visit us at the Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall or send us an email! Follow us for the up coming events and the newest information, were posting regularly on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ ChartwellsUPEI.


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